Where is FIRSTLINK's Head Office?
Damak-05, Jhapa, Nepal
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What are the requirements for agreement?
For Company:
  1. Company Registration Copy
  2. PAN/VAT Copy
  3. Signed Mutual Agreement
For Individuals:
  1. Passport Size Photo
  2. Photocopy of Citizenship
  3. Signed Mutual Agreement
What Services are available?
  • Fiberhome
  • Dedicated Internet
  • Cable TV with 200+ channels, 70+HD
Will my service get disconnected due to payment issue?
Yes, the customer will get disconnected automatically by our system. You can visit our nearest office for recharge or you can use online payment gateway eg; eSewa
What could be the reason for slow browsing?
There could be various reasons for slow browsing. It could be either at Client’s side or ISP. However, in our experience, following simple things cause the slow browsing:
  1. Unsecured WiFi set up
  2. WiFi Password hacked by others
  3. Sharing the connection with multiple users
  4. Less throughput of WiFi Routers or WiFi Routers positioned in wrong spot
  5. Bandwith hogging plugins and app
Note : If everything is okay at your side then please contact our support department.
Why is my Internet not working?
  1. Check whether the Fiber router is switched on. If you are using a secondary router for Wi-Fi, check to see if it is powered on.
  2. Check whether “PON light” is blinking. It needs to continuously glow green for Internet to work.
  3. Check whether “LOS indicator” on the Fiber Router is glowing red. The RED LOS light indicates some ongoing network problem.
  4. Fiber cable around your premises needs to be well managed and should not be bent, twisted or pressed.
  5. Try restarting the Fiber router.
  6. Please contact Support, if the LOS indicator is still glowing red.
How can I get support from FIRSTLINK if I have any issues?
We have 24 hours phone support. Customers can get support using available support options Phone and email, it depends upon the nature of problem. However we try our best to get it solved within 24 hours.

E-mail: support@firstlink.net.np
Phone: 023 583100, 9815002900
Facebook Chat: firstlinkcommunications
Firstlink Mobile App: Get it on Google Play
Self Care Portal: https://portal.firstlink.net.np